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To unlock your book’s full potential, you must make sure a few very specific things happen within the first 90 days of its release.

Your book becoming a best seller could be the business decision that skyrockets your success. 

TGC provides authors, publishers, and small presses with the guidance they need to create market-ready, professionally-designed books that sell and get acclaimed through strategic branding and marketing platforms. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to editorial, design, or marketing. We believe every book, and every author, is unique and every program we offer is individually-tailored to meet an author’s specific goals.

  • Book Packaging

  • Series and Imprint Management

  • Book Marketing

  • Book Cover Design

  • Book Interior Design

  • Ghostwriting

  • Self-Publishing

  • Hybrid Publishing

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Book Acquisition

  • Editorial Services

  • Agent and Contract Negotiation

  • Book Sales

  • Online and Retail Book Store Placement

  • Bestseller Campaigns

  • Movie Expansion

How does TGC Worldwide work for you?

Through your book, we can help you command higher speaking fees, capture the mass media's eye as a TV go-to-expert, create an evergreen platform that engages omni-channel audiences, and catapult your impact. 


We begin by meeting with you and your team in a brainstorming session where we formulate a long-term strategy to increase your business. Using your book as our main tool. In this meeting, we will ascertain your needs and resources, explore tactics, and clarify your goals, benefits, and identify key indicators of success.


If you have the content for a great book in your head but can't seem to get the pen to paper – no problem! We will connect you with some of the best ghostwriters in the industry to work with you on developing the manuscript you always envisioned. 


If needed, we will coach you on publishing options and help select whether Traditional, Hybrid, or Self Publishing is the best fit for you and your book. 


After our initial strategy session, we will help you create and execute a master marketing plan. This allows for the greatest return from your resources, from our experience and knowledge, and from the combined reach of yours and our networks. 


You'll get advice and assistance in all aspects of promotion and media planning. This includes your book's title, securing big-name book endorsements, and creating massive buzz around your book. We can also supply lists and advice for reaching out to bookstores to increase shelf space as well as design pre-sell promotions to increase your book's chances of reaching bestseller status. 


Just like traditional publishers do for giant book launches like Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, and Becoming, TGC "embargos" your book: In effect, asking retailers to hold sales until the publisher's prescribed sales date (often books are sold before their official release). We do exactly what a publisher would do with a book; only we work with the retailers directly. It's a controlled release that's entirely ethical, above board, and doesn't leave you with a warehouse full of books at the end of your campaign. 


Without distribution, even the best books will not be read outside of your immediate friends and family. Readers now have many options for where to buy books: in stores, at the airports, and online. We will work with you or your publisher to cater to all of these distribution outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Hudson Booksellers, to have the greatest impact. 


It's not easy, but we know what to do and how to do it. We have worked on countless bestseller campaigns, and in the process, have continually updated our systems to address changes in reporting algorithms, to adjusting for competition throughout the year, and to devising the sales strategy to get orders happening before and after your book's release. No trickery. Just a sound strategy and a proven, seamless process.  

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